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The world's first automated
take-home coding test platform

Accelerate your hiring by screening developers 10x faster using CodeScreen.



Automated test scoring and analysis allows you to move through your candidate pipeline 10x faster than the status quo.



Complete control around customising your tests makes the result of a test a highly accurate representation of how the candidate will perform in the job.



GitHub integration and ability to use own IDE provides a familiar and natural coding environment for candidates which results in them giving their best showing in the test.

What our customers say

customer photo

CodeScreen's integration with GitHub saves me so much time from dealing with zips and emails!

Radu Blana Frontend Lead at OpenGamma
customer photo

CodeScreen removes the manual work of sending and retrieving tests which greatly increases the number of applicants we can process per month.

Dom Farr CTO at Policy Expert

How it works


Step 1

Company creates test based off CodeScreen templates or chooses from our in-house library of tests.


Step 2

CodeScreen creates private repo for candidate to complete the test. Candidate given access.


Step 3

Candidate completes test at home with their own IDE over a set number of hours/days.


Step 4

Candidate's solution scored against suite of test cases and run through SonarQube by CodeScreen.


Supported languages

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CodeScreen cost?

See our pricing section.

What are hidden tests?

These are unit tests that are not visible to the candidate, but are run against the candidate’s solution and count towards the final score. These allow companies to test the solution against edge test cases.

Can a candidate change/add tests?

A candidate cannot add/change any existing test suite files. They can however add their own tests to new files they create. These tests are not included in the suite of test cases that the candidate's solution is scored against.

Who can see the private repo that is created?

Only the candidate is given access at the start. Once they have completed the test, their access is then revoked and you are given access.

Are unit tests required?

No. Your test can have zero unit tests if you feel that your test does not work well with automated tests.

What languages are supported?

See our supported languages section.

Can I allow the candidate to choose the language?

A candidate can choose to write the test in any of the languages that your test supports. All tests in our library are available in multiple different languages.

Which ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) do CodeScreen integrate with?

CodeScreen currently integrates with Greenhouse and Workable. We are in the process of adding support for more!

At what point is one test used up?

One test is consumed from your quota once a candidate begins a CodeScreen test. This is the point at which the private repo is created for them.

What form of payments to you support?

We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards.


Simple pricing that scales with your hiring needs.
Try it for free. All pricing plans are billed monthly. Cancel any time.


5 tests + $15 per additional test

$49 per month

14-day free trial
  • GitHub integration
  • Automated test suite scoring
  • Tests library
  • 10+ languages


20 tests + $15 per additional test

$249 per month

14-day free trial
  • Everything from Starter
  • ATS integration
  • SonarQube integration
  • Company branding


100 tests + $10 per additional test

$699 per month

14-day free trial
  • Everything from Pro
  • Hybrid tests
  • Priority support